Jane Iredale Triple Luxe


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Soften protect and hydrate lips while adding long-lasting color with Jane Iredale Triple Luxe Long Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick. With richly-pigmented color from Triple Luxe??? formulations it???s designed to last long while giving lips a treat to moisture replenishment. In an array of chic shades that lend a creamy matte finish the antioxidant-rich ingredients improve lips with every use. Moringa oil provides soothing nourishment while waxes and oils help hydrate soften and protect. With Tahitian vanilla and blackberry you???re treated to a subtle sweetness and fragrance while the rose gold bullet tube uses a magnetic closure to keep it fresh and intact every time. Benefits: Provides long-lasting hydration softness and protection Beautiful shades with a creamy matte finish Subtle and sweet fragrance and flavor Leaves lips feeling healthy and nourished [ 1.13 oz ]


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