Jane Iredale Disappear


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Banish even the newest breakouts away with Jane Iredale Disappear Full Coverage Concealer. This unique formula completely covers your breakouts while soothing skin so you can feel confident wherever you go. With a matte and opaque look it provides complete camouflage to acne veins scars tattoos and wine stains. In just 2 layers this highly-pigmented formula of breakthrough liposomes can give you complete coverage. With organic willow bark it delivers antioxidants that soothe and repair skin while the soft and hygienic gel applicator makes it easy to make flaws disappear fast. Benefits: Covers breakouts completely Makes imperfections like veins scars stains and tattoos vanish Antioxidant-rich formula soothes and repairs Soft and gentle formula Works quickly to help you feel confident [ 0.42 oz ]


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