Jane Iredale Circle/Delete


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Want to delete imperfections? Now you can with Jane Iredale Circle/Delete Concealer. This eye conditioner and concealer infuses skin with moringa butter and avocado oil each rich in essential vitamins A C D and E. Along with green tea extract skin is treated to potent antioxidant power as this formula works to conceal and diminish dark under-eye circles. Additionally it softens the look of fine lines around the eyes for a more youthful appearance. The 2 colors can be blended to get the exact shade you need available in skin tone choices that will match your needs best. Benefits: Neutralizes and deletes unsightly under-eye color Enriches delicate skin with essential nutrients and antioxidants Conceals and diminishes Smooths and softens fine lines around eyes Blend the colors to match your shade [ 0.1 oz ]


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