Indie Lee Whipped Body


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Infuse skin with hydration and blissful aroma with Indie Lee Whipped Body Butter. The decadent texture smooths into skin absorbing easily while giving skin a nourishing treatment. Antioxidants from moringa argan marula and jojoba oils make skin feel smoother and more hydrated. Shea butter encourages deeper conditioner while mandarin orange and bergamot oils gives skin that soft and supple feeling. The best time to apply this luxuriously-rich body butter is right after bathing when skin is slightly damp. Massage it in and let it envelop your skin and your senses with renewal! Benefits: Hydrates and smooths Locks in moisture for soft and supple skin Blissful aroma Rich and indulgent texture Infuses skin with antioxidants and skin essentials [ 250 g ]


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