Indie Lee I-Waken Eye


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Reduce dark circles and liven up those eyes with the clinically-proven strength of Indie Lee I-Waken Eye Serum. This light textured formula fights fatigued eyes with horse chestnut mountain ash bud and witch hazel while arnica cornflower and chamomile refresh and nourish. Infuse skin with antioxidants from blackcurrant leaf and spirulina while humectants add moisture for that smoothed and firmed appearance you want out of your eye area. Wake up refreshed with an under-eye area that is brighter well-rested and all-around healthier. Add it gently to your eye contours morning and night for hydrated rejuvenated and soothed eyes then layer with moisturizer afterward. Benefits: Reduces dark circles Brightens darkness for refreshed eyes Nourishes and hydrates Firms and smooths Leaves eyes looking well-rested [ 15ml ]


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