Indie Lee Daily Vitamin


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It???s the boost your skin needs! Indie Lee Daily Vitamin Infusion delivers potent vitamin C in this intensive moisturizer. With plant-derived ceramides and sugar cane-derived squalane your complexion will become smoother and more moisturized. Rosehip seed and avocado oils add further skin nutrition with vitamins A C and E plus rosemary leaf extract gives you even more of an antioxidant infusion. All you need to do is apply this intensive formula to freshly-washed skin in the morning and at night. You can use it on its own or apply it post-serum before you add your moisturizer. Benefits: Adds intensive nourishment and protection to skin Smooths and moisturizes complexion Restores skin to a healthier appearance Great for adding environmental protection to your skincare [ 30 mL ]


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