HUM Nutrition Moody Bird


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Don???t let those monthly hormones drag you down. HUM Nutrition Moody Bird ??? PMS Support Supplement helps you manage the pesky symptoms of PMS naturally. With a potent blend that includes chaste berry to support modulation of hormones for PMS dong quai root for estrogen balance and replenished blood flow you get cramp relief and a calming effect all in one. This non-GMO gluten-free formula has no artificial sweeteners or colors and is not only triple-tested for purity but also verified by independent labs so you can get herbal support for your psychological and physical health in relation to your monthly cycles. Feel like you???re on an even keel no matter what time of month it is. Take one capsule twice per day with food. Benefits: Provides support for mental and physical effects of menstrual cycle Helps hormone balance stay healthy Eases symptoms of PMS Vegan capsules [ 60 Capsules ]