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Get all the support you need for better digestion through HUM Nutrition Flatter Me ??? Healthy Digestion Supplement. This non-GMO gluten-free formula has no artificial sweeteners or colors and is not only triple-tested for purity but also verified by independent labs.Featuring 18 full-spectrum digestive enzymes and other botanicals it assists with the break down of food to reduce bloating. Protein carbs fiber lactose and fats can be difficult to digest but with the help of these natural enzymes you maximize your digestion potential. These vegan capsules also contain ginger and peppermint leaf for healthy digestive support plus fennel seed which adds a soothing quality while helping to absorb nutrients. All you need to do is take one capsule twice each day before your two main meals to aid in digestion. Benefits: Assists with breaking down protein fiber lactose fats and carbs Relieves bloating Supports optimal digestion Vegan capsules [ 60 Capsules ]


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