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Need some assistance getting your weight under control? HUM Nutrition Counter Cravings ??? Appetite Control & Metabolism Boost is just what you need to get a boosted metabolism and support balance blood sugar naturally effectively reducing your cravings. This caffeine-free vegan blend infuses chromium seaweed extract and L-theanine for a combined effect that helps curb your cravings while naturally speeding up your metabolism. With L-theanine derived from green tea it has a relaxing effect while supporting your body???s optimum weight. This non-GMO gluten-free formula has no artificial sweeteners or colors and is not only triple-tested for purity but also verified by independent labs making it a healthy choice for getting your diet back on track. Simply take one capsule twice daily before consuming your two main meals. Benefits: Helps support healthy weight management Maintains proper blood sugar levels (when already within normal levels) Provides boosted support to metabolism Vegan capsules [ 60 Capsules ]


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