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Make your hair lusciously grande with Grande Cosmetics GrandeHAIR Starter Set. This is where to start for thicker and fuller-looking hair. With three fantastic products you???ll achieve hair perfection. GrandeHAIR Hair Enhancing Serum fights hair loss with a tripeptide complex called Procapil??? that was formulated for use on dyed hair and works for men and women. In just 8 weeks you???ll see thicker and fuller hair. All you have to do is apply it to your scalp daily. GrandeHAIR Peptide Shampoo cleanses and exfoliates while infusing hair with Hexapeptide-11. This lets the serum have maximum effectiveness allowing you to fight hair loss. Simply use it as you would any shampoo and don???t forget the scalp massager to stimulate a healthier scalp without damaging your hair. Use it wet or dry as the soft and flexible bristles massage and soothe for improved hair health from the roots on down! Benefits: 3-piece set for improving hair growth Serum fights hair loss especially for dyed hair Shampoo cleanses and exfoliates Scalp massager stimulates scalp circulation to improve hair health Perfect for anyone with hair fall [ Kit Includes: GrandeHAIR Hair Peptide Shampoo 8 fl. oz. GrandeHAIR Hair Enhancing Serum 20mL GrandeHAIR Stimulating Scalp Massager ]


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