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Indulge the eyes with aesthetic-inspired medicine techniques through Filorga TIME-FILLER EYES Absolute Eye Correction Cream. It minimizes wrinkles brightens up dark circles lifts up saggy eyelids and boosts lashes in one simple and utterly opulent step. A trio of actives sets to work to plump skin up while resurfacing to smooth and relax eye-area wrinkles. With a lifting complex sagging is improved and matrikine plus provitamin B5 helps thicken limp thinning lashes. Along with filling spheres and a plant complex to stimulate skin under-eye hollowness and dark circles become a thing of the past. The velvety cream texture feels like a luxury on your skin while the repairing ingredients are surely a necessity. Benefits: Minimizes wrinkles Lifts saggy eyelids Thickens eyelashes Plumps skin Repairs under-eye hollowness and dark circles [ 15mL ]


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