Emepelle Night Cream


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Create a skin revolution that lives beyond your dreams with Emepelle Night Cream. Featuring Emepelle???s breakthrough MEP technology it works with skin???s natural nighttime repair activities to restore mature skin with luminosity and vitality. Get to the root cause of skin???s estrogen deficiencies. The unique combination of retinoids smooths fine lines and wrinkles while the rich formula delivers maximum hydration and nourishment to skin to defy the aging process. Let it revolutionize the way you look while you sleep to wake up with a noticeably refreshed and refined appearance. Benefits: Designed for women’s aging skin Reinvigorates skin???s natural radiance and hydration while you sleep Incorporates retinoids and hydrators to restore skin overnight Fantastic solution for perimenopausal and menopausal skin [ 1.7 fl oz ]