Bloomeffects Tulip Nectar


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Let your skincare routine flourish with Bloomeffects Tulip Nectar Skin Repair Body Balm. It turns from balm to oil to infuse your skin with naturally sourced oils butters and root extracts. Feel the love as it melts on contact into your skin from your hands to your feet even to your lips and hair. Nourish skin with proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex plus 25 botanicals. An ultra-calming complex that features centella asiatica calendula echinacea and chamomile soothes away dryness irritation and itchiness to leave you feeling comfortable. Diminish stretch marks and see firmer skin that looks toned and radiant. Apply anywhere your body needs hydration with a massaging touch to turn the balm into oil. Use it twice per day on any scars or stretch marks to see them fade away. Benefits: Turns from balm into oil Nourishes all parts of the skin and hair Soothes and calms Replenishes dryness Reduces irritation and itchiness [ 120mL ]


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