Bloomeffects Dutch Dirt


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Reset your skin with Bloomeffects Dutch Dirt Mask. Brimming with natural botanicals and fruit enzymes plus proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex it detoxifies purifies and deeply exfoliates to give skin a fresh start. As both a scrub and mask in one you fuel your skin with essentials from antioxidants and amino acids while treating it to the hydration it needs. With exfoliation comes an increase in cell turnover to naturally improve your skin???s health and youthfulness. A patch test is recommended for this tingly-feeling mask. Sensitive skin types should use it as a scrub by massaging a little onto clean wet skin then rinse away with warm water. To use as a mask apply an even layer to clean skin let dry and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing away. Benefits: Detoxifies purifies and exfoliates Infuses skin with nourishing ingredients for improved health Boosts cell turnover naturally Leaves skin healthy and youthful Can be used as a scrub or a mask [ 60mL ]


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