Bioelements Crucial Moisture


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If you???ve ever felt like your skin is drier than a desert ??? we feel ya. But thanks to Bioelements Crucial Moisture it doesn???t have to be that way! This product has soothing and hydrating ingredients that penetrate deep into the layers of your skin giving it the moisturizing boost that it needs. Apply Bioelements Crucial Moisture morning and night after cleansing for softer more radiant looking skin. Your makeup will look dramatically better because this formula also works as a great primer. Bioelements Crucial Moisture is packaged with a convenient spatula to keep the formula effective safe and free from contamination. Benefits: Relieves dryness Reduces appearance of surface lines and wrinkles Softens and smoothes skin Penetrates quickly leaving no oily residue [ 2.5 fl oz ] Cosmetic chemists & advanced estheticians guarantee the most effective ingredients in Bioelements products at Authorized Bioelements Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed


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