AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter


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AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Concentrate is designed to increase cellular energy and improve skin’s natural detoxifying system. This serum provide greater clarity by reducing the appearance of dark circles. AHAVA’s eye concentrate is infused with cucumber and Aloe vera extract to calm and nourish skin reducing puffiness. Featuring OsmoterTM to revitalize and enhance natural dead sea extracts. A tripple charged serum for your eyes to restore clarity. Benefits: 85% reported skin around the eyes felt softer and smoother Increase cellular energy and improve skin’s natural detoxifying system Featuring OsmoterTM [1 oz] Dead Sea minerals & natural compounds are used to create pure natural products. See the full line of AHAVA products at BeautifiedYou.com Authorized AHAVA Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed


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