022 I13Promax 6.7 Inch


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1.Due To The Difference In Light, The Actual Color Of The Phone May Be Slightly Different From The Screen And The Picture. Color Names Are Only Used To Distinguish Between Individual Skus. 2.The Battery Capacity Is Typical Of The Factory Laboratory, The Specific Charging Speed, The Length Of Use And Other Data, The Actual Situation Will Be Slightly Different Due To The Power Cord 3.When The Phone Is Completely Out Of Power And Automatically Shuts Down, You Need To Charge Your Phone For More Than 50 Minutes To Boot. 5.The Mobile Phone Does Not Support The Telecom Cdma Network (For Example Us Sprint And Verizon Operators) Package Included:1 X Smartphone,1 X Charger Adapter1X Date Cable1 X Headphones,1 X User Manual1 X Phone Case1 X Protection Film.Syi


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