Parra star poleaxed as Eels downed by Broncos

The Eels have been denied another try after a second dubious decision goes against Parramatta in a matter of minutes.

Waqa Blake looked to have scored, but the Bunker jumped in and ruled Adam Reynolds had been obstructed back in the middle of the park.

Reynolds looked to move in front of the decoy runner after the ball was released, but the Bunker ruled he had been taken out.

In commentary for Nine, Billy Slater was not impressed.

“I disagree with that, I disagree with that,” he said.

Cameron Smith was in agreeance.

“I’m with you, Billy. You see the movement of Adam Reynolds. He stands squarely in front of the attacking player of Parramatta and he hits him square on … that’s a tough one for Parramatta.”

Just a few minutes before, the Eels were close to going in again before a dubious knock-on call – or a lack of a call – saw the Broncos get out of trouble.

After having virtually no ball in the first half, the Eels have had most of the ball this second half.

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