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L’Ultima Regina 

Paul Goodman

“Macron was right to say that while Queen Elizabeth was our Queen, to the world she was The Queen. That this became so wasn’t inevitable. How and why did it happen?”

Ignore the free speech purists. Irritating republican protestors can – and should – be arrested. 

William Atkinson

“There is both a legal and moral case to do so. Free speech has never been untrammelled in this country.”

The queue went forward in a spirit of sweet sadness, marching with hope towards Westminster Hall

Andrew Gimson

“People were saying it could be 20 or 30 hours in the queue,” a woman declared. “I said I don’t care if it’s 300 hours. It’s about respect for the Queen. She served us loyally for 70 years.”

Ukraine must win. That is more important now than ever. 

Daniel Hannan

“This is a war between two visions of human life – and ours is the better.”

When did you last see a picture of Prince Charles, as he was, on a billionaire’s yacht for a summer holiday? 

James Frayne 

“He is entirely devoted to the country. He’s Britain’s over-worked parish priest; he seems to exist to keep the country ticking over.”

The Ukraine war reaches its Gettysburg moment. Will we see a drift that could end Putin, or the disintegration of western unity? 

Dr John C. Hulsman

“On the one hand, conscription, with the failure it would confirm, would be perilous for Putin. On the other, staled Ukrainian progress, a Russian economic squeeze – and western division.”

Why Australia is unlikely to ditch the monarchy

William Prescott 

“Unless republicans can overcome their own divisions, and persuade a politically-cautious nation to embrace change, King Charles III’s grip on his second-largest realm looks secure.”

Ukraine. Welcome victories, dangerous possibilities, uncertain consequences. 

Paul Goodman

“If it is hard to work out what one man – Putin – would settle for, it is even harder to work out what an emerging democracy – Ukraine – would do.”

Why monarchy works

William Atkinson

“Monarchies provide a far better check on the ambitions of power-hungry politicians than republics do.”

That the people so swiftly want King Charles to succeed is a tribute to the memory of his mother – and the power of the monarchy 

Andrew Gimson

“Just as we find we were even more attached to Queen Elizabeth than we realised, so we find ourselves even more loyal to her successor than we expected.”

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