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Miss Finland candidates wore long, tight dresses in the shades of grey and green that sparkled in the spotlights as they walked back and forth on a dark shiny stage during the direct broadcast for TV. Their swimsuits were dark blue.

The stage was slippery, and there seemed to be a part missing from it, a kind of pit where you could imagine a conductor standing. The banks of television lights illuminated the surface of the stage with the power of a thousand watts.

Petra Hämäläinen, 26, a tall (184 centimeters), thin blonde from Savonlinna, was crowned as Miss Finland, and just before I was about to step closer for an interview, I stepped right into the pit. There was no conductor.

“Goddamn! I placed a bet who would be the first to dive right in,” said a cameraman when I was crawling up.

After a quick check for injuries and damage inflicted upon my equipment (miraculously there seemed to be none), I shook the dust off my red blazer and was ready to talk with the new Miss Finland who in high heels appeared two heads taller than me and has had her share of troubles as well, if only for her length. (She’s the tallest Miss Finland in the history of the competition.)

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