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You don’t have to be big to have a big impact on Google. Here are ideas on how to maximise your SEO efforts as a small business.

Larger and established businesses enjoy the advantage of market presence and brand recognition, which small businesses usually don’t. Fortunately, the internet levels the playing field by allowing small businesses to reach more customers than their size dictates. Search engine optimisation places your small business close to potential customers, thus giving you a big chance at profitability and brand recognition. This article teaches you the importance of SEO for small businesses, how to maximise your SEO efforts, and what to expect from those efforts.

What is SEO for small businesses?

SEO for small businesses refers to applying search engine optimisation to ensure success for a small business. SEO is all efforts to get your website to rank higher in search engine results pages. People hardly ever scroll down search engine results pages, much less go to the second page. As such, websites that appear at the top of search results tend to be the most visited. Therefore, you must ensure you rank among the top to make any meaningful impact online.

What is the use of SEO for small businesses?

Let us look at why small businesses need SEO. While other digital marketing tools exist, SEO is one of the most effective tools for a small business. Additionally, it makes other digital marketing tools more effective. For example, content marketing attracts customers, informing and educating them, thus adding value that they appreciate. However, content marketing without SEO is futile, since it needs SEO to be accessible to customers. SEO captures the audience’s attention; your content sustains it.

Additionally, SEO is a cost-effective approach to marketing small businesses. You can use paid ads, but your business may not sustain those expenses. SEO is more cost-effective and organic, becoming more effective over time. Other digital marketing tools, such as paid ads, are expensive and do not guarantee conversions. Therefore, your small business is better off taking the long-term view as you build your brand.

What are the benefits of SEO for small businesses?

Getting new customers

The endgame to SEO is to get your small business new customers. Ranking highly in search engine results pages gets your website more traffic, which translates to more visits which leads to brand familiarity, interaction, and subsequent purchasing.

Accessing customers in their discovery phase

Clients who aren’t sure what products and services will solve their problems are the best, and placing your business before them leads to loyal customers. SEO is handy since it optimises your website to appear when these customers are searching for solutions. Therefore, interacting with them at that juncture by providing the right answers gives you an upper hand as a trusted source of information.

Attracting more targeted traffic

Ideally, you need more visitors to your website, whether they buy or not. The law of averages stipulates that you can’t miss making sales with plenty of traffic. SEO takes it a step further by attracting traffic that’s interested in what you offer. This way, SEO significantly improves your chances of selling.

Increasing brand awareness

With more relevant traffic coming your way, you will build a solid brand awareness base. More customers showing interest in your products and services doesn’t mean all of them will buy now. However, it means that most of them will likely come back later when they are ready for the purchase.

showing an image to increase brand awareness

Edging out the competition

SEO helps your website to rank higher than similar businesses in your industry. The higher your rank, the more attention you’ll grab from your competitors’ customers. Ranking at the top means attracting all those customers and their purchasing power.

Improving your website
SEO is only as good as how accessible, useful, convenient, and intuitive your website is. Therefore, improving SEO efforts requires making your website more appealing to customers. This has the cyclical benefit of getting you more customers while ensuring they have the best experience online.

Sustaining your top ranking
SEO is not an overnight fix, but it grows and maintains its success over time. Therefore, your website will rank high and stay there, barring any unforeseeable event such as a broken website.

Application of SEO for small businesses
Let us look at how to maximise your SEO efforts as a small business. People rely almost entirely on the internet to find information about products and services. 99% of consumers even use the internet to find information about a local business, with 78% of them doing so weekly. Here are ways to drive that traffic to your website:

Ensure your website is professional and mobile friendly

Customers can tell a well-designed website with rich content. Additionally, they prefer a website that provides a full smartphone experience. Therefore, invest in proper web design and content to attract and sustain customer interest.

Image showing an optimised mobile site

Use profitable keywords

Select the right keywords to highlight your website and elevate your position. This calls for a strategic approach to keyword selection. You can rely on experienced professionals to help you select the right ones.

Optimise the page for local searches

A strategic approach is to maximise your local presence by capturing that market. Therefore, ensure your SEO is local since customers close to you are likely to visit you once they see your business online.

Image for local SEO

Update all your contact information

After attracting customer attention, it would be a disservice to mislead or confuse them about your whereabouts. Therefore, update your address if you move, add your new social media pages, and remove any contact channels no longer in service.

Improve your page loading speed

A lagging website provides a poor browsing experience. With so much competition, you can’t afford such problems. Therefore, ensure your web pages always load fast, no matter the traffic.

Conclusion: What can you expect from SEO for small businesses?

Once you understand how to maximise your SEO efforts and implement those tips, your website will rank higher on search results pages. As you gain more traffic, you’ll have more conversions and a chance to cement customer loyalty. You only need the right approach. We have the necessary experience and expertise to guide you. Get in touch today, and let us help your business realise its full potential.

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