How To Make an NFT For Free

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain contributes to the development of new trends. Currently, NFT is a dynamically growing trend. We’ve already introduced the basics and investment opportunities; in addition, we have shared tips and tricks for NFT beginners. This article will give you a guide on creating NFT for free.

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are digital artifacts, often called crypto collectibles, that represent ownership and authenticity of digital goods. This is the most popular and innovative way of purchasing, selling, and trading digital objects, from artwork to videos and other digital products. As NFTs become more popular, their value, use cases, and impact are dynamically increasing.

Creating an NFT is a simple process and, in many cases, can be done for free. In the following steps, we will guide you on how to create and sell an NFT.

Creating a crypto wallet account

The first step is to create a crypto wallet. Such wallets are used to store and trade assets. Plenty of crypto wallets are running on various blockchains, but we will show you how to open a Metamask wallet. Here’s a guide on how to create an account:

  • Install the extension for your browser or download it onto your phone by visiting

  • Create a new wallet or restore an existing one, then choose a strong password.
  • Write your seed phrase on a piece of paper and store it in a safe place.
  • Confirm your seed phrase: After you have backed up your seed phrase, you will be prompted to confirm it by entering a few of the words

Your Metamask wallet account is now ready for use.

Making an account on an NFT marketplace

NFT marketplaces are websites that allow people to create, explore and trade crypto assets. The most popular platforms are OpenSea, Rarible, TofuNFT, etc. When you visit the marketplace, click on “Connect wallet” in the upper right corner. Then you will be prompted to sign the connection in your crypto wallet.

Painting some art

As a physical artist, you can dive into NFTs by converting your drawings into digitalized ones. You can decide between creating 3D paintings with a design and collectible characters painted in different styles with different clothes. Follow crypto market trends to understand what assets are in demand right now. It is also worth keeping an eye on news portals such as CoinDesk.

Uploading your art

When you have a new NFT artist profile, you must create a new collection first. Add logo image, description, and external links, and choose a network. In order, you upload your digital art, find the “Create New Item” and click it.

Choosing free minting

NFT mint means converting your data into a crypto asset. Sometimes, NFT creators need to have enough cryptocurrency in their wallets to cover a transaction fee. This fee is called a gas fee, it varies depending on the network’s congestion, but it usually ranges from a few cents to dollars. But most marketplaces provide free minting or so-called “lazy minting”, which allows minting without paying up-front, as the buyer covers the fees once the asset is sold.

The NFT is minted

Congratulations! You have minted an NFT. It can now be listed and sold. Once the NFT is created, you may want to promote it to increase its visibility and value. This can include social media advertising, influencer marketing, or other forms of promotion.


What’s a blockchain?

Blockchain represents a decentralized ledger of transactions. Information stored in blocks can’t be hacked or changed. These blocks are linked together using cryptography. As it is decentralized, it is protected from any malicious tampering or censorship by its network of participants. Please take a look at our recent article, where we discussed why blockchain is a game changer for NFTs.

What gives an NFT value?

Non-fungible tokens are valuable because they provide a way to prove ownership and authenticity of digital assets. They allow creators to monetize their digital creations allowing collectors the ability to own exclusive, one-of-a-kind digital assets.

NFT technology is built on blockchain, which provides a tamper-proof, decentralized ledger that registers all transactions. This ensures that the ownership of a crypto asset can be easily verified and tracked and that the NFT cannot be replicated or replaced. This gives NFTs value as proof of ownership of non-fungible crypto assets.

Another factor that gives NFT value is that they are unique, one-of-a-kind digital assets that can’t be replicated, making them appealing to collectors willing to pay a high price for the exclusivity.

Why is an NFT jpeg worth so much?

The price of any token is determined by the market demand for it and the uniqueness and rarity of the digital asset. In the case of NFTs, the value can be driven by the artist’s reputation, the uniqueness of the work, and the perceived cultural significance of the artwork. For example, a digital artwork created by a well-known artist or a limited edition NFT will be more valuable than a common artwork.

How much does it cost to make an NFT?

The cost of making an NFT differs widely depending on the complexity of the project and its size. Generally, creating a simple NFT is relatively inexpensive and can cost from a few cents to some dollars, depending on the blockchain. Most marketplaces offer free minting, a process when the gas fee is paid by the buyer.

What kinds of NFTs sell the best?

The types of NFTs that sell the best depend on the type of asset and the target market. Common types of NFTs that are popular include digital artwork, unique collectibles, and crypto apes. Images, music, videos, event tickets, and digital apparel are also highly demanded. Below are shown the top traded NFT collections on OpenSea.

Can I avoid gas fees without using lazy minting?

A gas fee is necessary when minting, purchasing, or selling tokens on any blockchain. Many marketplaces offer lazy minting, a way to mint an NFT without paying the gas fee in advance.

The opinions and assessments expressed in the text are the views of the author of the article and may not represent the position of Cryptogeek. Do not forget that investing in cryptocurrencies and trading on the exchange is associated with risk. Before making decisions, be sure to do your own research on the market and the products you are interested in.

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