Hamas-linked CAIR exploits tragedy in Texas

This story is another example of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) exploiting other people’s misfortunes and tragedy in order to promote itself on TV.

This is a sad story. A beautiful young woman was riding in her husband’s truck when he was shot and killed. One can hear her voice break with emotion when she says.

“I’ll never see him again.”

But in a pattern that should be very familiar to readers, the last few seconds of the broadcast are devoted to CAIR, which is supposedly “involved” with the case. What involvement CAIR has in the matter is not clear. It could be providing money, or helping find employment, or just handling the publicity.

And while we wait for CAIR’s Faizan Syed to answer our phone calls, let us look at the well established pattern of CAIR exploiting tragedy on television.

Jessie LeBlanc

When a Mississippi judge resigned amid a sex scandal, CAIR got on TV to welcome her resignation.

Robert Shrote

CAIR “spoke out” after a Stevens Point, Wisconsin man had a drunken outburst directed towards Hmong people.

Tom Eckerle

Eckerle got himself in trouble for criticizing Black Lives Matter and using the N-word at work. CAIR got on TV to say this was evidence of a broader problem in America.

Bob Kroll

Poor Bob Kroll did nothing but become the target of CAIR’s rage when the city and police ignored the organization in the aftermath of the George Floyd affair.

Roger Golubski

A police detective is rumored to have forced black women to have sex with him. CAIR leapt into action. They would have called for Golubski’s firing if he weren’t already retired.

Ted Wheeler

CAIR has lost faith in Portland’s mayor and gets on TV to join others in the call for his resignation. This is ironic, because CAIR is working with the rioters.

Harry Sanders

Harry Sanders asks why America’s history of slavery is relevant to today. CAIR has nothing to do with this except to call for Sander’s job.

Esmerelda Upton

Another drunken outburst. This time in Plano, Texas and explicitly directed toward Indians. This is the pretext for CAIR to get on TV representing itself as speaking for the entire South Asian community. A very clear example of what this list is trying to show.

The Atlanta Spa Shooting

CAIR wants to participate in stories that trend heavily in the news, particularly if a white man is involved. It is all gibberish with CAIR’s brand in the background.

Racist fliers from all over the country

None of the racist fliers from all over the country mention Muslims. But because they do reference white supremacists, CAIR is bursting to share its expertise on the alleged danger of white people.

Tekle Sundberg

CAIR’s Jaylani Hussein has nothing to say about the police shooting of Tekle Sundberg. He might have declined an interview, but instead got on TV in a ridiculous outfit to give out misinformation.

New Jersey police officers

CAIR attacks public employees of all kinds, but particularly law enforcement. CAIR had nothing to do with the rough arrest of a black teen caught on cellphone video. But it cannot contain its righteous indignation and calls for discipline.

Andrew Walls

Yet another drunken outburst, this time in Ohio. No one knows why the black girl advanced toward Andrew Walls after he told her to stay away, but she did, and he punched her. Walls is now facing charges while a TV station gives the Council on American-Islamic Relations 15 seconds to defame Walls on TV.

Amazon delivery driver

For some unexplained reason, reporter Chris Keating thinks CAIR is somehow relevant to the story of a crazed racist threatening an Amazon delivery driver in New Jersey.

Milwaukee synagogue vandalized 

As the reporter gives us the details of a vandalized synagogue, suddenly, without any warning, or explanation, CAIR’s Corey Saylor appears, drops a few platitudes, and disappears as suddenly as he appeared.

Teen vandals 

Teen fools spray swastikas in an apparent desperate attempt at attention. It could be a fraternity hazing for all we know. There is no reason for CAIR to say anything. However, since the vandals are white, CAIR warns us about the rise of racism in America.

The Capitol riot

Of course, CAIR wants to participate in a story trending as heavily as January 6. But it doesn’t have anything to share except its disdain for white people.

Even when there is a Muslim angle to one of these misfortune stories, CAIR proves its irrelevance again and again.

Tamar Herman 

Instead of assisting the school and police investigations, CAIR used a rumor as the pretext for getting on TV four times to call for an elementary school teacher to be fired. Tamar Herman is now suing CAIR for defamation.

There are several cases, and numerous broadcasts on which CAIR has offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of someone who hurt a Muslim. No one ever steps up to claim it. But CAIR gets publicity just the same.

After Benjamin Enderle vandalized a mosque in Moorhead, Minnesota, CAIR got on TV to promote one of its fraudulent reports.

NYC subway slasher 

There is a double slasher loose on the NYC subway. The mention that the attacker may have said “anti-Muslim things” is the pretext for CAIR to get on the broadcast and impugn the NYC police.

Albuquerque murders

CAIR knew nothing about the serial murders in New Mexico and got on TV over 20 times in five days saying things such as “We don’t know what happened” and “Somebody out there knows something.”

Well, we definitely know that CAIR will exploit tragedy to promote itself on TV.

Although the George Floyd affair is the granddaddy of irrelevant CAIR broadcasts, due to the fact that that one incident emboldened the organization to chime in on all kinds of things outside its purview, the absolute topper was its involvement in the Colleyville terror incident last January.

Here was a case of misfortune involving a Muslim that CAIR could not walk away from fast enough. And the TV stations let CAIR off the hook for working so hard to get an al Qaeda agent free from prison, and for possibly inspiring a terror incident.

Unfortunately, this is not a complete list. It is not even a quarter of the examples of how CAIR gets on TV hundreds and hundreds of times a year.  However, one can say with complete confidence that CAIR exploits other people’s misfortunes to promote its brand on TV.

The purpose in publishing this list is the hope that the public will use it to discuss, satirize, and bring up CAIR’s well-established pattern of exploiting tragedy on TV.

CAIR very much belongs to a shame and honor culture. The sooner the public starts holding CAIR accountable for its media abuse, the sooner it will modify its behavior on TV.

“Widow, Witness to Food Delivery Driver Road Rage Killing Shares Her Story,” by Meredith Yeomans, NBCDFW, November 25, 2022:

The widow of a man murdered in a road rage shooting is sharing her experience that day.

Idalia Cerna was in the passenger seat when her husband, 24-year-old Hamzah Faraj, was shot and killed in September 2021.

Wearing both their wedding rings is how Cerna keeps her late husband’s memory close at hand and heart.

“It’s like a promise that we had that we were always going to love each other and be together forever,” said Cerna.

Faraj was a teenager in 2013 when he and his mom fled from Iraq to Fort Worth for a better life. He met Cerna in 2017 through mutual friends.

“He was a very kind person, very funny person,” said Cerna.

The couple married in 2020. He was killed the next year on September 11, 2021….

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR-DFW, announced this month that it is now involved with the case and is looking into the shooting as a potential hate crime.

Fort Worth detectives have not publicly called it a possible hate crime. Police say the suspect’s truck may be a gray 4-door Dodge pick-up. Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Fort Worth police at 817-392-4382.

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