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The government imposes hard restrictions on many services in an attempt to slow down the spread of the Omicron variant in Finland. In practice, the freedom brought by the coronavirus passport is now limited for the rest of December and until January 16.

Beginning on Friday, Christmas Eve, restaurants will have to stop serving alcohol at 21:00 and close their doors an hour later.

On Tuesday, December 28, alcohol-serving will stop already at 17:00 and restaurants that serve primarily alcohol will have to close their doors at 18:00.

In restaurants that serve food, alcohol-serving will stop at 17:00. They can keep their doors open by asking for the coronavirus passport between 18:00 and 20:00.

Also, other so-called high-risk events such as mass events where patrons don’t have designated seats are now banned from those with or without the Covid passport. The so-called low-risk events, such as sport practice sessions with a limited number of people are allowed with the coronavirus passport.

In addition, institutes of higher education and adult education will transfer to distance learning until January 16, 2022. (Necessary contact teaching is allowed.)

Primary and secondary education are exempt from the restrictions.

Also, border control on the inner borders (all Schengen countries) will come into effect on December 28. In practice, travelers from the Schengen area will have to have proof of two vaccinations and a certificate of a coronavirus test result not older than 48 hours. (Proof of having had Covid-19 in the prior six months is also accepted.)

People who live in Finland are exempt from the border restrictions.

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