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Do you love Homer Simpson? What moments in The Simpsons would you say define Homer Simpson for you?

Recently, Redditor u/G-Unit11111 asked, “What is your favorite Homer Simpson moment?” Others responded quickly with their best Homer picks. Here are the top ten responses.

Season 5, Episode 15: “Deep Space Homer”

Bailer86 nominated, “When Homer spins around on the floor to read what Bart wrote on the back of his head.” The OP, G-Unit11111, agreed, “I love how that goes from funny to disturbing very quickly!”

“Deep Space South” is the episode where Homer prepares to go into space. Bart writes on his head, “Insert Brain Here.”

After Lisa and Marge giggle, Homer wants to see and begins spinning around to attempt to see the back of his head. It’s one of the funnier moments in The Simpsons, according to Reddit.

Season 6, Episode 8: “Lisa on Ice”

RetailDrone7576 quoted, “If you get eaten, it’s your own fault. ‘Smashes his head into the metal thing above the stove.”

This quote, of course, comes from “Lisa On Ice.” Bart and Lisa are at each other’s throats in that episode because they are on opposing ice-hockey teams.

Marge hears them and tells Homer not to eat this pie before placing it on the stove to cool. And Homer responds with this quote.

Season 9, Episode 23: “King of the Hill”

BartFurglar admitted, “That and “Gym, what’s a gym? Ohhh, a gym” are my top two standalone moments for sure.”

In “King of the Hill,” Homer gets into shape and is contacted by the Powersauce Bar corporation of his favorite energy bars. They sponsor him to climb a mountain as a promotion, and Homer decides to do it to impress Bart.

However, things take twists and turns, and it’s no straight hike up the mountain.

Season 10, Episode 19: “Mom and Pop Art”

DoodlebobDeVito quoted, “English side ruined, must use French instructions. Le Grille?? What the hell is that!!??” Why doesn’t mine look like that?!?!?! Proceeds to rage.”

In “Mom and Pop Art,” Homer buys a backyard BBQ, and things don’t go right. So he destroys it, and when he attempts to unload it, an artist takes notice. But unfortunately, she’s unaware that this was a failed attempt, not a work of art. So things go awry per usual.

Season 4, Episode 4: “Lisa the Beauty Queen”

TheProofsinthePastis voted, “When he wins a ride on the Duff Blimp but has to sell the ticket and forlornly sings to himself, “Hey there Blimpy Boy, flying through the sky so fancy-free.”

Another user stated, “The fact that he did this to show his love for Lisa makes it one of my top moments.”

In “Lisa the Beauty Queen,” Homer enters Lisa into a contest after she doesn’t believe she’s pretty. The pageant fee is $250, and he sells his ticket to ensure she enters to boost her self-esteem.

Season 4, Episode 12: “Marge vs. The Monorail”

Reddit user mydeadface sang, “Simpson, Homer Simpson. He’s the greatest guy in history. From the town of Springfield, he’s about to hit a Chestnut tree. AHHH!”

That song is from “Marge vs. the Monorail.” Homer ends up becoming a monorail conductor and saving Springfieldians.

Season 8, Episode 22: “In Marge We Trust”

Redditor tangre79 quoted Homer, “I’d like the phone book for Hokkaido, Japan, please.” G-Unit11111 followed the librarian’s line, “Is this a local call?”

After a Redditor inquired about the episode because they didn’t understand the joke, User t00_much_caffeine explained, “It’s the Mr. Sparkle episode.”

They continued, “It’s where he’s trying to figure out why he looks like the logo. You’ll have to rewatch it! That scene is funny!”

Season 3, Episode 16: “Bart the Lover”

In “Bart the Lover,” Marge notices Santa’s Little Helper needs a new doghouse.

So Homer attempts to build one himself, and in the process, he hammers his thumb and steps on a nail, leading to this Homer Simpson quote.

TheVentiLebowski quoted, “Oh, fudge… That’s broken. Fiddle-dee-dee. That will require a tetanus shot. I’m not going to swear! But, I am going to kick this dog house down!”

Season 7, Episode 20: “Bart on the Road”

Redditor fhamadeh shared his favorite moment with this dialogue between Homer and Lisa that painted the perfect picture verbatim.

Homer: What’s wrong, honey?

Lisa: There’s something troubling me, dad, but I don’t think I can tell you because it’s a secret.

Homer: Ah, you don’t have to tell me, but I thought we trusted each other with our secrets now. I mean, I haven’t told a soul about your boyfriend.

Lisa: Langdon Alger? Oh, I don’t like him anymore. Okay, but you have to promise you won’t get angry or tell anyone, especially Bart.

Homer: I promise.

Lisa: (sputtering) Bart rented a car with a phony driver’s license and drove Milhouse, Martin, and Nelson to a wig outlet in Knoxville, and their car got crushed! And they’re out of money, and they can’t get home, and Bart’s working as a courier and just came back from Hong Kong!

Homer: (face reddens, then returns to normal; calmly) Yes, that’s a real pickle. Could you excuse me for a moment? [puts on the radiation suit hood, which muffles his voice; he yells his head off as the faceplate fogs up] All right, I have thought this through. I will send Bart the money to fly home. Then I will murder him.

1. “Blood Feud” Season 2 Episode 22

Redditor residentdunce quoted Homer, “Hello, my name’s Mr. Burns. I believe you have a package for me. P.O. Guy: Okay, Mr. Burns, what’s your first name? Homer: I don’t know.”

“Blood Feud” is the episode where Mr. Burns needs rare blood, and Bart is a match. So he donates blood thinking it will be a huge payout.

However, Mr. Burns doesn’t pay. So Homer and Bart draft a letter, and Bart drops it in the mail. This quote is Homer at the Post Office attempting to intercept it.

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