Family Of Girl Found Dead On Princeton Campus Raising Money For Their Own Autopsy After Police Ignore ‘Bizarre Circumstances’ – Perez Hilton

Wow. This family is doing all they can to get answers — even if Princeton University and local police aren’t helping them as much as they’d like. As we reported, Misrach Ewuentie, a junior at Princeton, went missing and after a nearly weeklong search was found dead behind a tennis court on campus last Thursday.

Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office and the Department of Public Safety said in a statement via the university on Thursday that there were “no obvious signs of injury and her death does not appear suspicious or criminal in nature.” But her devastated family is not buying it.

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Speaking to the US Sun on Tuesday, Misrach’s brother Universe revealed more about the location his sister was discovered in, as well as the family’s next steps. As was reported, his sister was found in a grassy, overgrown area behind the tennis courts. Here’s where it gets really suspicious though! Apparently, the spot was so difficult to reach, a worker had to cut back tree branches for her body to be removed from the strange location, which you can see in a photo HERE.

Um, red flag!!!

No wonder if took six days to find her. How would she have wound up there if it was such a challenge to get to? And why don’t the police think that’s suspicious at all??

Speaking to the outlet, the mourning brother shared:

“The area she was found makes us feel it was suspicious, some trees had to be cut when they were removing Misrach.”

He also addressed his frustration with the authorities, adding:

“Everyone thinks it’s over with, and they released that statement before doing any autopsy and without telling us.”

Oof. So tough for the family. According to the outlet, Mercer County conducted its autopsy on Friday, but they are refusing to comment further until the toxicology results come in.

Universe went on to share that his parents are “very private” and find it “beyond difficult” to deal with the sudden and very tragic loss of their daughter. He also noted that throughout the search for Misrach, the family was left disappointed with Princeton’s efforts during the six-day search. This is why they are now raising money to begin their own investigation.

In less than 24 hours, the family has already raised over $92K on GoFundMe for “expenses associated with a funeral, an independent autopsy, and significant travel.” Whoa! So fast! Addressing the heartbreaking situation, the family wrote on the fundraising site:

“On Thursday, October [20th], our dearest and loving daughter, sister, niece, cousin, and friend, Misrach, was found dead on the Princeton University campus after missing nearly a week. There are simply no words that can encapsulate the grief and mourning that such an event has brought to Misrach’s family. She was the best of us; she had the kindest heart, the sharpest mind, and the most considerate soul. To lose her is just heartbreaking.”

They went on to detail just what a kind, thoughtful, and intelligent girl she was:

“All who knew her can attest that Misrach was simply a spectacular person. She was always willing to help and went out of her way to lend a hand. She was incredibly generous with her love and her time. When we were down, she lifted our spirits. Misrach was selfless and helped many without expecting a thank you. She was measured with her words, slow to speak, and always willing to listen to you. She never judged anyone and took the time to understand all–she humanized, empathized, and advocated for you. Whether she knew you or not, she greeted you with a warm smile and a gentle hug—her presence was always welcoming and without ill will.

Beyond her impeccable character, Misrach was brilliant. And despite her remarkable natural ability, she never rested on it—she was studious and very disciplined. A valedictorian of her High School, Princeton not only accepted her application for admission but also awarded Misrach a full scholarship. She was a junior Majoring in Sociology with a minor in Computer Science.”

She had a whole life to live…

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While they cannot turn back time and will never get a proper goodbye, they are hoping to get to the bottom of the “bizarre circumstances” surrounding her death with the funds they raise. The family concluded:

“Due to her sudden death and bizarre circumstances surrounding her passing, we ask family, friends, and anyone aware of her story to support Misrach’s family by assisting with the expenses associated with a funeral, an independent autopsy, and significant travel. Any support you can provide will reduce the burden on Misrach’s family as they attempt to endure this tragedy.”

Truly so sad.

Our hearts break thinking about what Misrach’s family and friends are feeling. To be going through this tragedy without the support of the local authorities and school must be extra challenging!

For now, it seems like Princeton is trying to put this tragedy behind them as fast as possible. Vice President for Campus Life W. Rochelle Calhoun said there is no reason to be wary of a threat to the campus or the surrounding area. Extra patrols will increase in student living areas out of caution, though.

Those who wish to help the Ewuentie family mourn their daughter and investigate her death can do so by donating to their fundraiser HERE. May she rest in peace.

[Image via GoFundMe]

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