Digital banks, money in CPF or stocks etc.

This is going to be a short blog to touch base with readers.

Quick update, basically, to let folks know I am alive and kicking (butts in virtual worlds.)

I have been busy gaming in Neverwinter and Genshin Impact but, mostly, I am spending time playing RISK Global Domination now.

That is the ultimate time killing game as one game could go on for hours just like the board version of the game!

Anyway, for readers who are not just following my blog but also my blog’s comments section, they would know that I am still around as I reply to comments usually within 24 hours.

For readers who are following my baby YouTube channel, they would also know that I am still around as since my last blog in middle August, I have uploaded 5 videos.

My videos are more like audio books which last a minute or so which means you don’t have to watch them, only listen.

For examples:

It is pretty easy to produce such videos.

If you are interested in the other recent videos, hop over to my YouTube channel: AK’s channel.

The world is in a mess now and everybody is hurting one way or another.

Just remember that no one cares more about our money than we do.

Stay prudent with money.

As long as we are invested in bona fide income generating assets and as long as we are investing more and speculating less, we should do better than most people.


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