Did Rishi Sunak performed Puja before entering the Prime Minister office ? No, the viral video is two years old.

A small video clip of British PM, Rishi Sunak performing a Diwali puja, placing rangoli and burning diyas in front of the door, is viral. It is claimed by few media houses to be of this week, Rishi forming the Puja before entering the Prime Minister office.





Probably this started from a much viral tweet by an African handle based on which many prominent African personalities/journalists and media houses also posted it.

This is Africa

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The viral video is not new, but is two years old.

Rishi Sunak, Himself tweeted the video on 14th November 2020 wishing Happy Diwali to all.

iGlobal News uploaded the video on the YouTube on 13th Nov 2020 –

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