VinAudit Review: Is It Any Good in 2023? (Pros and Cons)

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With lowest VIN report fee of $9.99, VinAudit is definitely one of the cheapest option in the industry. VinAudit, at the first glance, might just be your typical VIN number lookup tool. But upon examining its features and tools, you’ll find that it’s one of the best free VIN check resources on the internet.


  • Affordable pricing a single report – $9.99
  • Lifetime access to purchased reports
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Lots of free tools and resources


  • Quite hard to find the FAQ section
  • Account login details not shareable

How Does VinAudit Work?

VinAudit offers an affordable way to check a vehicle’s history prior to buying it. If you’re looking to get your next car, this company provides Vehicle History Reports. The data you’ll find on each report are from trusted resources, such as the NMVTIS.

VinAudit Fees: How Much Does it Cost to Use VinAudit?

1 report$9.99
Dealer program$20 per month + $1 per report

Note: If you’re a car dealer and sell a high volume of vehicles, choosing a dealer program is a smart decision. The monthly membership comes with a $20 fee and you can get unlimited reports for just $1 each. There are no other fees and you can cancel your membership at any time.

VinAudit Reviews: is VinAudit Legit?

VinAudit is a legit and safe provider of vehicle history reports, according to its 4.5 Trustpilot ratings. It also has an A+ rating on the BBB.

Some of the positive reviews from customers are about the service they received. Specifically, customers liked how the agents they talked to were helpful, friendly, and efficient.

Meanwhile, some users had issues with receiving minimal information on their reports. Some users claim to receive messages from potential buyers and sell them VinAudit reports.

But when you scroll down through the negative comments about VinAudit on Trustpilot, you’ll find that its customer support agents are still offering assistance.

It’s quite impressive as negative reviews can be easily dismissed but VinAudit chose to address those nonetheless.

VinAudit Features

Instant VIN Report

You’ll only need the car’s VIN and go to the VinAudit website to get an instant VIN check report. From there, you’ll need to enter the VIN in the “Check Your VIN Instantly” field located at the very top of the homepage.

After clicking on “Search VIN”, the website directs you to another page where you can pay for the report with your credit card. You’ll also need to provide your email for account and report-related communication with VinAudit.

When you finally complete the payment, VinAudit will generate the report, which you can download and save as a PDF. With that, you can access the file from anywhere and even print it out if you need a hard copy.

VinAudit Free Resources

VinAudit also offers free resources to help you get more vehicle data. You can check your car’s current value through its web platform by entering the VIN. What’s great about this tool is that you can view not just one specific value but a range of values.

So if you’re selling your car, you’ll know the average market price, along with below and above market prices. It even shows the estimated certainty so you can decide if you want to go with the market price or otherwise.

Vehicle Ownership Cost Lookup tool

The web platform also offers a Vehicle Ownership Cost Lookup tool. Using the VIN, you can check the costs involved in owning that specific car.

Some of the details you can find on the Vehicle Ownership Cost report are depreciation, insurance, and maintenance costs. It also shows the cost of gas according to the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Special Program for Auto Dealers and Businesses

VinAudit also offers a special program for auto dealers and businesses in need of vehicle history reports. This program requires a monthly paid subscription and charges a $1 per report fee.

Businesses in this program also enjoy instant access to VinAudit’s online and mobile platforms.

Who is VinAudit Best for?

VinAudit is ideal for people looking to buy their next car. As it offers affordable Vehicle History Reports, you can quickly purchase one before buying a car.

Additionally, VinAudit is best for private car sellers wanting to provide the report to interested buyers. It helps them gain trust from potential buyers and set reasonable pricing based on the car’s history.

Finally, VinAudit is a great partner for used car dealerships and businesses that regularly require vehicle history reports.

Most used car dealerships pay for these reports. With VinAudit’s affordable dealer program, these businesses can save significant costs.

What Vehicle History Can You Check With App?

Each report from VinAudit includes the following information:

  • Vehicle specifications
  • Title records
  • Insurance, junk, and salvage records
  • Accident records
  • Theft records
  • Export, impound and lien records
  • Sale records
  • Problem checks
  • Supplemental resources

What Are the VinAudit Pros & Cons?

VinAudit Pros

  • Affordable pricing a single report – $9.99
  • Lifetime access to purchased reports
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Lots of free tools and resources

VinAudit Cons

  • Quite hard to look for the FAQ section
  • Account login details on the dealer program are not shareable

How Good is VinAudit Support?

Looking over VinAudit’s Trustpilot ratings and reviews, its support team is among its greatest strengths. It offers three ways for users to contact them: phone, email, and online form. If you’re counting on visiting its main office in Kirkland, Washington, four.

VinAudit customer support options:

The phone support team is available every weekday from 9 am to 5 pm PST. For the email option, you can expect a reply within 2 to 3 hours.

After sending your message through the form, VinAudit will reply to you through email. Finally, you can visit their office at 218 Main St #688, Kirkland, WA 9803 if you’re within the area.

It’s great that VinAudit has an excellent customer service team. After all, their website provides quite the opposite in terms of support. To start, there’s only the blog section where you can find vehicle-related articles.

There are no quick links to the FAQ page, although this page is searchable on Google. Yet, first-time used car buyers and sellers might find other free resources, such as the checklists, extremely helpful.

Is it Worth Checking VIN With VinAudit?

With the lowest VIN report fee of $9.99, VinAudit is definitely one of the cheapest options in the industry.

VinAudit, at the first glance, might just be your typical VIN number lookup tool. But upon examining its features and tools, you’ll find that it’s one of the best free VIN check resources on the internet.

The website homepage shows relevant information right away, with the free VIN check tool conspicuously located at the top. You’ll also see what each VinAudit report looks like, as well as the information they gather and provide through the report.

Sites Like VinAudit

Service FeesFree CheckBest for
VinAuditStarts at $9.99YesIndividual buyers, used car dealers, private sellers
CarVerticalStarts at $18.99YesIndividual buyers, used car dealers
autoDNAStarts at $10YesIndividual buyers, used car dealers
CarFaxStarts at $29.99YesIndividual buyers, used car dealers, private sellers

VinAudit vs. CarVertical

carVertical Summary

  • Provides accurate results
  • Only uses updated data
  • Charges are reasonable
  • Uses a blockchain-based damage-proof report

If you’re looking for the best VIN decoders, CarVertical is one of the alternatives to VinAudit you should consider. Similarly, it offers instant vehicle history reports. Most of the records included in a CarVertical are quite the same as the ones VinAudit has.

However, the pricing between the two providers for a single report is significantly different. For affordable reports, VinAudit is obviously preferable.

VinAudit vs. autoDNA

Sites like VinAudit and autoDNA offers affordable options for private sellers to purchase vehicle history reports. After all, having one on hand can help them quickly gain their potential buyers’ trust and sell the car.

Both services also get their data from reliable sources and have started in the industry almost in the same year. But compared to VinAudit, autoDNA has limited free resources and tools.

VinAudit vs. CarFax

carfax logo

Carfax Summary

  • You can choose several dealerships and pick the best offer
  • It has a free Vehicle Reports tool to help you decide on your car pricing
  • The platform offers a history-based value tool to give you an idea of how much you can sell your car
  • Carfax connects you directly with dealerships, providing you with more room for negotiation

CarFax is among the data providers with extensive data sources, with more than 100,000. As such, it’s one of the top contenders if you’re looking for vehicle history reports.

Such availability of data sources comes at a significantly higher price, though. Considering that, it might not be affordable at all for private sellers and individual buyers.

VinAudit FAQ

What is VinAudit?

Vinaudit is an online platform that aims to compile comprehensive vehicle history reports from trusted resources. This company started offering services in 2011 and, since then, has also built its headquarters in Washington.

It aims to make vehicle history reports accessible and currently partners with government agencies, industry partners, and non-profit organizations, such as: 

  • National Motor Vehicle Title Information State (NMVTIS)
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

What is VIN?

The Vehicle Identification Number or simply VIN is a unique 17-character code provided and stamped on each car ever manufactured.

Where to find the VIN in a vehicle?

The simplest way to find the VIN is by looking at the driver’s side dashboard of the car. You can also find this on a sticker on the driver’s side door jamb.

If you currently don’t have access to the car, you can locate VIN at the car’s title, registration, or insurance policy

What vehicle types does VinAudit support?

You can search various types of vehicles on VinAudit, such as automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, tractors, motor homes, and even recreational vehicles.

How can I store or share my VinAudit report?

You can store or share your VinAudit report by saving it as a PDF. You can also print a hard copy of this PDF.

Do I have to be a car dealer to sign up with the VinAudit Dealer Program?

No, this program is not exclusive to auto dealers. If you have a licensed business in need of regular vehicle reports, you sign up and take advantage of the Dealer Program.

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Quantum Leap 111: Hedging Tomorrow | Wealth of Geeks

There’s been a lot said about how this first season of the Quantum Leap continuation bears more resemblance to the fifth season of the original show – on other words, a little gimmicky. In some episodes, it’s worked fine, in others, not so much. Thankfully tonight’s episode skews more on the positive side.

Before I really get into the meat of the episode, let’s address what I imagine will be one of the sticking points for many viewers who prefer their fiction more sciency. Yes, the writers for this episode tend to gloss over a lot of the pseudo science of what is potentially happening to erstwhile leaper Ben Song in this episode. And there are others who would shout back – it’s time travel, we’re already stuck in pseudo science. And I hear you. Both of you.

As I’ve said before, I (and most of my genre-happy friends) are okay with twisting things a little outside of the accepted norm for ‘true’ science, as long as the show adheres to the rules they set up. After all, Galileo, Aristotle and Newton all had concepts of physics and relativity based on their observations that were accepted for generations until Einstein obliterated them.

There could be some concept of space and time that goes outside of Einstein’s theories, delves into quantum mechanics and does make some sort of time travel possible. Maybe Samuel Beckett discovered it, etc., and maybe that variation of modified string theory allows for time loops – or causality loops, which is what Ben is leaping forward for. And, sure, maybe Janis Calavicci is the foremost expert on such things.

Or maybe storytellers lately are super fascinated with Groundhog Day. After all, we’ve had Palm Springs, 2 Happy Death Days, Boss Level, Map of Tiny Perfect Things, even Sharknado experimented with it, and of course, the ahem, pseudo namesake of this episode, Edge of Tomorrow (Live, Die, Repeat). Going back even farther, you have 12:01 PM and Le 15 Mai (1969).

Either way, the conceit makes for a fun episode – which is where I’m going to personally extend a lot of grace. 1. The episode didn’t break any of its established rules, from either series, 2. It makes for a rambunctious, exciting ride, and 3. It has echoes of the original show (‘Lee Harvey Oswald,’ ‘Trilogy’), while doing something new, within the rules. And the ultimate reveal of what’s happening only heightens the tension and adventure.

Now, how about that episode?

A Leap in Time

First, Robert Picardo. Our favorite doctor – look it up, he’s played like 10 of them, not just on Star Trek and China Beach – is, ahem, a doctor of nuclear physics, about to host the test of a now forgotten nuclear power plant that he hopes will bring clean energy to the world – and maybe lead to flying cars.

He’s accompanied by his bespectacled assistant, a Colonel, a janitor with his head in the clouds and a reporter hoping for a career making investigative scoop.

Ben’s initial leap puts him in the Colonel’s seat, and feeling at home for once, among a world he understands. Only one problem. As Ziggy quickly brings to light through Jenn, Doctor Woolsey’s about to die – as is everyone in the room.

Even before we hit the first commercial break, the reactor starts overheating, then goes critical, and everyone at the project watches Ben’s life signs flatline.

After a very brief moment of emotional turmoil from Addison, Magic notices that Ben’s brain reconnects – he’s resurrected, at least temporarily.

We get a moment of wonder from the gang back home, then cut back to the elevator where we started. Only this time, Ben’s in Eugene, the doctor’s assistant. Cue opening credits.

After the commercial, everyone’s bombarding Ian with questions, he shushes them and explains, “Obviously we are dealing with a time loop.” To which Jenn responds with what has to be the best line of the season so far – “Obviously?!?”

A Time Loop

Ian continues, explaining how a time loop is highly, highly improbable (something Ben repeats later), comparing it to being struck by lightning twice. “Except the funny thing is, once you’re struck by lightning, you’re more likely to be struck by lightning again.” I’m going to assume he means once you’re in the time loop you’re more likely to repeat in the loop and not waste time explaining first-grade coin flip probability.

Thankfully, the team has the foremost expert on time loops already in the building – Janis. She apparently did her doctoral thesis on time loops. Magic tries to convince Janis to help, which she refuses, until he points out her own causal probabilities.

Piece by piece, mini leap by mini leap, Ben and Addison put together the pieces as he makes his journey through the five people in the facility – while back at home, the team tries to work together with the person they’ve been fighting all season.

During one heated exchange, Ian drops a quiet little bombshell about how Ziggy works – now. I say ‘now,’ because I’m pretty sure if I went back through, episode by episode of the classic show (which I’d love to do, but not in time for this review), I’d find evidence that she did not “selflessly calculate probability outcomes,” based on what the leaper sees. Sure, she was fallible, but… anyway, it’s a minor point, given our current version of Ziggy.

The Die Is Cast

Regardless, now Ziggy knows someone in the elevator triggered the bomb. And, of course, every guess that Ben puts forward is either wrong or unable to be tested, based on whose body he’s in now.

We get the revelation that it was Beth who came to Magic and asked him to kick Janis off the team. Interesting…

Ziggy processes some more data and Janis realizes that it’s not a time loop, it’s a finite series of leaps that will end when Ben runs out of bodies to leap into. Addison goes to explain to Ben…

Then Ben has a revelation.

By the way, kudos to Margarita Matthews for the on-point movie references for Ben throughout. And this one is Rashōmon (羅生門). For the uninitiated, Rashōmon is a 1950s Japanese language film by Akira Kurosawa, wherein the same story is told repeatedly, from different perspectives, all coming together to give the viewer a clearer picture. The movie itself is excellent, but the term ‘Rashomon’ now refers to any story told in that manner, aka, three sides to every story. Or in this case five.

As Ben’s putting the final pieces together, the team back home has a huge debate about how to save him – against everyone’s expectations, Magic sides with Janis, announcing that they will let Ben finish the leap.

And once again – the writers do a fantastic job of having the two halves of the leap look at the same theme (albeit a little on the nose in this one). In this case, are we truly heroes, doing the right thing? Or are we the villain, even unknowingly?

Finally, Ben leaps — somewhere. For the first time this season, we don’t see where.

Finally, in the episode denouement, we have one final revelation – Janis agrees to tell Addison the name of the person who first told Ben he needed to leap…

And we’ll save that for next time.

Rating: 7/10 SPECS

New episodes of Quantum Leap air Mondays at 10pm on NBC and stream the following day on Peacock.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.

Paul Rose Jr has worked as TV News Producer, Forensic Analyst, and Train Conductor, among many other things. He’s the former TV Editor for InfuzeMag and owns more books, DVDs, and comics than most people have seen in their lifetimes. When he’s not writing or editing on Wealth of Geeks, he exercises his creative muscle writing screenplays and acting in film and television in Los Angeles, CA.

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    Qualifications You Will Need to Succeed 

    • Be reliable! We need you here to take care of our customers. Be committed to working your schedule.  
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    • We are always looking for ways to make things better for our employees and customers- that means you will experience change, sometimes at a fast pace.  
    • Positive energy, strong communication, ability to focus on the issue and not take things personally. Let your personality shine.  
    • We want you to succeed! That means you will receive coaching and feedback. Be open and willing to try new things.  

    Bonus Points if you have: 

    • 1+ years of experience in related field  

    Benefits you might not have expected 

    • Employee Assistance Program Counselors 
    • Discover [email protected] Family Assistance Program (Discounted childcare at participating centers, free membership, and subsidized Backup Care Services) 
    • Perks at Work (access discounts from over 30,000 merchants, earning WOW Points while you shop) 
    • Opportunities to volunteer in the community 
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How to Begin Your Work at Home Transcription Career – eMoneyIndeed

There are several opportunities for entry-level transcription jobs from home. Some companies insist on an onsite job, whereas many others offer options to become a general online transcriber or an online medical transcriptionist.

What is a Transcriptionist?

Well, to put it in nutshell, a transcriptionist puts on a headset or a pair of earphones and types out the audio played on a tape.

Sound simple? I’d say it’s a pretty easy job if you’re dedicated enough. You must be a good listener. But that said, all audio files are not the same. Some could be a breeze, while others are more complicated.

Must Read10 Legit Online Data Entry Work From Home Jobs Without Any Investment

There are different accents, for one. Again, audio is not always clear enough. You may have to listen to snippets repeatedly. But you can become good at it with enough practice.

As far as payment is concerned, you can earn around $10 or $20 per audio hour for beginners and around $50 and above for experienced transcriptionists.  Some might just pay the minimum wages.

How to Become a Transcriptionist? Basic Requirements

  • Work from home transcription jobs are flexible and most companies are willing to recruit beginners, so all you need to do is to pass a preliminary test to get the job.
  • For any transcription work from home, you need a good Internet speed, as you have to send/receive audio files for home based medical transcription jobs as well as general ones.
  • All transcriber jobs online require a Headset, foot pedal, scribe software and other equipment for transcribers.

Practice Sessions

As I mentioned earlier, companies are ready to recruit beginners for online transcription jobs, but you need to pass their tests. Don’t dive into these tests headlong.

Get practice from various online sites, in order to improve your skills. Most tests for general transcription as well as medical transcription jobs at home are based on listening and typing accuracy as well as speed, as well as grammar/spelling and related terminology.

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You must be proficient in English, have a good vocabulary and be familiar with both professional and colloquial terms and usage to work from home medical transcription or general transcription. Also try out some transcription HITs found on Mechanical Turk (Amazon)

Types of Transcription Jobs Online

Though there are plenty of options for online medical transcription jobs at home, there are other specializations as well.

#1. General Transcription Jobs

You have to type out a dictation; a lecture; a phone message; an interview; speech; videos, based on business, law, academics. Most are audio transcription jobs, but there is also video based ones. There are also some specializations, which are different from general transcription jobs, but you need experience for this.

#2. Specialized Transcription

  • Financial or corporate transcriptions are a kind of specialization. You must be familiar with the industry terms related to annual reports, industry earnings and the like.
  • It’s a booming job market.
How to Begin Your Work at Home Transcription Career

Image Source

Medical Transcription at home requires transcribing the dictation of physicians, for adding to the medical files of a patient. Since the job of a medical transcriber is specialized, you need a certification program or an associate degree to get medical transcription training. This will help you get jobs related to medical transcription from home.

#3. Data Entry

It is the simplest transcription work online requiring minimum skills. It’s good to start with this, though the payment isn’t much.

Companies like Scribie and QuickTate offer such data entry jobs, where you have to listen to brief audio tapes and transcribe them for a fixed rate

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#4. Offline Captioners

You can work offline or online (real-time) from home. You have to transcribe audio from recorded videos or live videos, and add them as captions.

#5. CART

(Communication access for real time translation) offers captioning in real time to those having hearing impairment. The person can work directly on the site, such as schools or conferences, or also work from remote locations)

Are you Suitable?

If you’re wondering whether you are suitable for this job, just record conversations and check out how long it takes for you to transcribe a minute of audio. If you can do it in about 3 minutes, you’re good to go as a beginner. You must type fast and use the correct equipment/technology for increasing speed.

How to Get Transcription Work?

There are plenty of sites offering transcription work for beginners without experience. Apply directly to companies offering the work, such as crowdsourcing platforms like Upwork; Mechanical Turk.

They don’t need any specialized skill or a technical knowledge. So, you can get started with these. You can start working right away using a computer at home along with good quality equipment.

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Companies Offering Transcription Work:






GMR Transcription

Daily Transcription


Accutran Global

Casting Words

Try out these other tips as well for landing your first job.

Search Twitter for ‘need transcriber’. Contact them with offers, you could well be on your way to your first successful transcription work.

Get permission to put some posters of your transcription service at universities. Researchers generally need transcription of their interviews

Join platforms that advertise transcription jobs, like Proz, offering a decent price, to get freelance transcription jobs.

Use the social media to spread the word.

#  Join transcription groups in LinkedIn. Others in the group might pass on work due to an overflow, helping you find at home transcription jobs.

Get Going

Before launching into transcription work as a full time or part time career from home, complete the basic requirements.

It’s a demanding job, so make use of ergonomic equipment. Get good software for managing the work. Understand what the client’s needs are, as there are several variations in requirements.

Must ReadBest 20 Flexible Part Time Job Ideas for Night Owls

For instance, there’s British spelling, US spelling; including pauses; polishing up sentences; including a time stamp; use of templates; style guides; and so on.

And yes, always remember to ask for feedback. You can use a good feedback for your references (client permitting, of course)!!

It might all seem intimidating to begin with, but things get easier with practice and time. Be determined and stick it out. Good luck with a transcription job.!!!

How to Begin Your Work at Home Transcription Career

Rating: 4.0/5. From 2 votes.

Pay Per HourStarting from $5$15 to $25Around $12 plus tipsUp to $21
ScheduleChoose when to rent out your carSchedule shifts up to 7 days in advance or work instantlyFlexibleFlexible
Best ForPassive incomeHighest-paying gig jobsFree daily withdrawalsGrocery delivery

Type of FeeFee Amount
Regulatory Transaction Fee$22.90 per $1,000,000 of principal (sells only, no fees for customers with sales under $500)
Trading Activity Fee$0.000130 per share (equity sells) and $0.00218 per contract (options sells), no greater than $6.49
American Depositary Receipt (ADR) FeesTypically between $0.01-$0.03 per share

Service Fees$0 commissionFrom $3 per month1%No fees
Min. Investment$1$5$10$1
Best ForGeneral stock tradingSpare changeReal estateStocks and ETFs