CarVIO Review 2023: Is CarVIO Legit? Everything You Need to Know

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CarVIO is a reliable car buying company that you can sell your used cars to for cash. The company will buy all types of cars, including junk cars and damaged cars. Thus, selling your used car to CarVIO is a great way to get some cash for your unwanted junk cars. Plus, CarVIO also collects your car within 72 hours from when you accept their offer so you can get paid for your car very quickly.


  • Instant online quote – using the company’s proprietary algorithm, you can get a quote for your used car in under 5 minutes on their website.
  • Get paid for your car in 72 hours – if you accept their online offer, CarVIO will arrange to pick up your car within 72 hours and pay you on the spot.
  • No obligation offer – you are not obligated to accept the company’s offer and you have up to 5 days from when you receive the offer to decide.
  • 100+ locations available nationwide – if you prefer not to to have CarVIO pick up your car from you, you can also bring it to any CarVIO location.


  • Maximum price per car – if you are selling more than one car, CarVIO will take them off your hands but will offer you a maximum of $5000 per car.
  • Offer reduced after evaluation – more often than not, you will find that CarVIO will reduce their offer by 10% to 20% after the in-person evaluation.

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Compare to Other Car Buying Websites


Peddle logo

Get your free offer instantly via online form or call on (855) 925 4302

$0 fees + you don’t have to pay for towing – Peddle will take care of it

Get paid in check during the pick up for any car (damaged, junk, wrecked)


CarBrain logo

Get an offer within 2 minutes and sell your damaged car within 24 hours

Free vehicle towing and no fees to getting rid of your damaged car

The tow truck driver will arrive with your check (nationwide service)


Wheelzy logo

Quick car evaluation without the hassle – sell your car within 30 min

Choose a convenient date and time for free pick-up, as soon as next day

Get cash in hand the same day the Wheelzy agent picks up your car

How Does CarVIO Work?

As soon as you request a proposal or bid-offer for your used vehicle, CarVIO immediately responds with a buying quote. If you accept the CarVIO offer, the company arranges the pick-up of the car within the next 72 hours.

When the vehicle is picked up, you also receive the payment via check immediately. This allows you to get rid of your used car pretty quickly and hassle-free.

How Much Can You Get for Your Car with CaVIO?

The offer for the car depends on the details like the model, and condition of the vehicle. However, you can sell as many cars as you want and get a cash offer of up to $5,000 (the limit) per car.

Who is CarVIO Best For?

CarVIO is suitable for individuals looking to quickly sell their used vehicles right from their home.

What Types of Vehicles Does CarVio Purchase?

The types of car you can expect to sell to CarVIO include:

  • Running cars
  • Slow-running cars
  • Cars with high mileage
  • Completely broken cars
  • Cars with damaged parts
  • Recovering cars
  • Cars that do not pass smog checks
  • Cars from all kind of models

How to Sell Your Car to CarVIO?

You can start selling your used car to CarVio in a pretty straightforward manner. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Submit an Online Application

Visit and fill out the online application providing details about your car, such as:

  • Make and model of your car
  • Year of manufacturing
  • Mileage 
  • The current condition of your car

Alternatively, you can contact CarVIO via phone by calling them at (760)477-4747. A customer care representative can then guide you to the next steps.

CarVIO phone number – (760)477-4747.

Step 2: Receive a Cash Offer

As soon as you submit your application, you’ll receive an immediate offer within a few minutes. CarVIO uses advanced technology to ensure that you don’t have to wait long before receiving a calculated bid. 

You’ll receive an offer via e-mail. If you can’t access the offer, you can again call the CarVIO customer support for clarification. 

Step 3: Schedule the Pick-up

If you’re happy with the offer, you can either bring the car to one of the CarVIO locations or have them pick it up from your desired location. The pickup is free of cost.

Before the pickup make sure to: 

  • Remove the license plates
  • Cancel your car’s registration
  • Empty the car 

Step 4: Get Paid

At the moment of picking up your car, the CarVIO agent will hand you your payment in cash.

How Fast Can You Sell Your Car with CarVio?

CarVIO provides offers within 24 hours once we receive all of your information. This means you can sell your car within 1 day.

CarVIO Fees: How Much Does it Cost to Use CarVIO?

The company does not charge any fees for its services.

CarVIO Payment Options

CarVIO will issue payment when they pick up your car. If you choose to deliver the car yourself, CarVIO will issue payment when you bring your car to one of its nationwide locations.

CarVIO Reviews: Is CarVIO Legit?

CarVIO is a licensed, insured, and bonded company. The Better Business Bureau gave it an A+ rating since CarVIO has been its member starting April 2019. The overall rating of the company is 3.45/5.0 on BBB and 4.4/5.0 on Trustpilot

Many customers have given positive CarVIO reviews about the business, including 5 stars, praising their generous offers for used cars, professionalism, assistance to customers, and fast service.

However, some clients have shared their complaints online and these mainly revolve around the topic of scheduled pickup times. Some have struggled to get the towing company to come on time. Since personal information is already handed in, some people have expressed privacy concerns upon pickups’ no-shows. 

What are the CarVIO Pros & Cons?

CarVIO Pros

  • The offers are pretty generous in comparison to other car buying companies.
  • The condition of the car does not matter- they buy every model and car in every condition.
  • CarVIO is known for its professionalism and maintaining a schedule regarding sending the offers promptly.
  • The pickup service is free.

CarVIO Cons

  • You may encounter a delay in scheduling pickups and making it happen in the agreed time.
  • In cases of no-show of pickup, privacy issues arise due to the information that you’ve handed over to the business.

How Good Is CarVIO Support?

CarVIO boasts rich customer support and knowledge base including frequently asked questions page, blogs and selling tips. You can reach them by calling 1-760-477-4747.

Is it Worth Selling a Car with CarVIO?

Overall, CarVIO can be worth trying out if you need a promise of quick and reasonable offers and professional customer service. CarVIO will accept your used car, whether it has no damage, is damaged, junk, or even scrap. 

You will also not have to drive it to them, they will come to pick your car up for you thus making it the best place to sell your car online.

Sites Like CarVIO

Sites Like Carmax CarVIO Wheelzy Peddle eBay Motors
Pricing No service fees Peddle has no seller fees On Wheelzy, you list your car for sale at no charge Basic package $25, Plus package $55, Pro package $95

CarVIO vs. Peddle

Peddle Summary

  • Buys used, damaged or junk car nationwide
  • Get instant quote on (855) 925 4302
  • Free towing within 48 hours after offer
  • Receive payment upon car collection

Peddle is another free car listing site that will purchase your used car within 48 hours after you’ve accepted their quote. It can be handy to look at the similarities and differences between the two platforms.


  • You can get an instant quote – within 1 minute
  • You can receive payment at the pick-up
  • The pickup/towing service is free


  • The price offer for Peddle is determined based on demand for the specific model
  • Peddle doesn’t guarantee the quote

carvio vs peddle

CarVIO vs. Wheelzy

Wheelzy Summary

  • Wheelzy stores are open 7 days a week
  • Get offer in minutes – (855) 510-1108
  • Free towing of your car from your location
  • Instant payment via cash or check

Wheelzy is a good option for getting some cash for your used car. It has a pretty high rating (4.8/5) on Trustpilot as well. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between Wheelzy and CarVIO.


  • Excellent customer service and professionalism
  • You can receive payment on the spot
  • The pickup/towing service is free


  • The quote you are likely to receive with CarVIO is higher than with Wheelzy.

CarVIO vs. eBay Motors

eBay Motors Summary

  • Sell 20+ types of vehicle and car parts
  • Low listing fees starting from just $19
  • List a car for sale in under 10 minutes
  • 2 selling options – fixed price or auction

eBay Motors is one of two major platforms eBay offers for buying and selling cars. Unlike CarVIO that only buys cars, eBay Motors is dedicated to buying and selling cars. Both platforms also offer a step-by-step set of instructions to guide you through the selling process. 

While eBay Motors charges transaction fees when your item gets a bid, CarVIO does not charge service fees. Overall, the websites will provide you with a chance to sell your car and earn extra income.

CarVIO vs. CarBrain

CarBrain Summary

  • Get an online offer within 2 minutes
  • Get cash for your car in under 48 hours
  • CarBrain buys cars in over 7 conditions
  • Up to 7 days to accept CarBrain’s offer

CarBrain is one of the excellent platforms for selling your imperfect car. It also has an excellent rating on Trustpilot (4.8/5), Google (4.6/5), and Facebook (4.6/5). It can be handy to look at the similarities and differences between CarBrain and CarVIO.


  • Customer service and professionalism are highly graded
  • You can receive payment at pick-up
  • The pickup/towing service is free


  • CarBrain focuses on buying damaged, junk, or scrap cars while CarVIO will purchase new cars as well

Other Sites Like CarVIO


What is CarVIO?

CarVIO is a car buying company that will purchase your used car directly. The company is located in San Marcos, CA, in the USA. They aspire to make the car selling process as simple as possible. CarVIO even buys cars that don’t function anymore – whether they’re damaged, junk, or even scrap.

Buying used cars is the only business that CarVIO is involved with. Many other platforms in the market, which buy used cars, are also involved with selling them, but it’s not the case with CarVIO.

Is CarVIO a legit company?

CarVIO is a legit company that has been licensed, insured, and bonded. CarVio pays you cash or will issue a check of up to $5,000 per vehicle. 

Where can I see CarVIO offers?

You can easily find CarVIO offers in your email inbox.  If you are having trouble viewing your offer, call or text at (760) 477-4747.

Why should I use CarVIO?

Since CarVIO handles all DMV paperwork and transportation fees, it takes the stress out of selling your car.

Where is CarVIO located?

CarVIO is headquartered in San Marcos, CA and has 100+ locations in all 50 states.

Is your information safe with CarVIO?

CarVIO does not and will not sell or share your information with third parties hence can be considered. 

It’s important to know the value of your vehicle beforehand so that you get the best offers made by the buyer.

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