Capital Region to Lift Restrictions on Public Events and Hobbies on October 1 | Finland Today | News in English |

The metropolitan area’s coronavirus coordination group proposes to the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland that there is no need to extend the restrictions on public events after September 30, 2021.

At the same time, the metropolitan area’s coronavirus coordination group decided that the remaining restrictions on the use of sports facilities and leisure activities by municipalities will be lifted as of October 1.

Open-use sports facilities such as swimming pools, gyms and group exercise classes will no longer be subject to attendance restrictions from the beginning of October.

At the same time, the guideline for recreational activities in city-managed facilities will be changed from an obligation to a recommendation.

In the future, it is recommended that recreational activities continue to be organized in such a way that the recreational group meets within the same group composition, that contact with other recreational groups is avoided and that no one participates in recreational activities when they have symptoms of the flu.

In recreational activities, it is recommended to avoid unnecessary physical contact and to follow general guidelines on hand and cough hygiene. The guidelines for recreational activities are valid until further notice.

The extensive recommendations on remote work and the use of masks will remain in force until further notice. National government guidelines on these are expected.

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