Buying Basics: Who is B-Stock and What Do We Do?

Our History and Hand in the Online Liquidation Process

You’re reading this because you’ve heard about us, stumbled upon us, or were searching for us. Either way…we’re glad you’re here! Let us introduce ourselves and take a moment to break down and explain for you who B-Stock is and exactly what it is that we do.

Who is B-Stock?

We officially planted our roots over a decade ago in 2008, but our story begins before that. Our CEO, Howard Rosenberg, was working at eBay at the time, best known for its auctions and consumer-to-consumer sales when he recognized the same need for business-to-business sales.

In 2004, Howard spearheaded and launched eBay’s Private Marketplaces group; private online auctions of business-to-business marketplaces for a variety of industries. This faction of eBay grew very quickly, and soon it was running dozens of marketplaces for large well-known companies.

Fast forward to late 2008, Howard branched out and B-Stock Solutions was born; operating private marketplaces for three retailers: Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Second Life. And now, B-Stock currently operates private marketplaces for more than 60+ retailers; selling a wide variety of inventory across different categories, conditions, and lot sizes. Our impressive roster includes nine of the top 10 U.S. retailers including Costco, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Target, and others.  

What Does B-Stock Do?

This is an important question as we care about our buyers and want to provide a clear explanation of our role in this online liquidation space. We like to think of ourselves as a matchmaker of sorts, an online auction platform bringing together sellers and buyers in one transparent place to sell and purchase merchandise.

What B-Stock Does:

  • Creates custom online auction marketplaces for retailers to sell their returned and excess goods
  • Provides buyers with direct access to these returned, excess, and other liquidation goods from major retailers via the retailer’s private marketplace 
  • Cuts out a middleman liquidator between top retailers and buyers, allowing our buyers a direct channel to purchase returned goods, excess inventory, shelf pulls, refurbished, and damaged goods
  • Runs B-Stock Auctions: a landing page where you can search across our network of retailer liquidation marketplaces by category, region, retailer, and even specific products
  • Manages our own marketplace, B-Stock Supply: a site where you can source smaller lot sizes of returned and excess inventory from hundreds of sellers all in one place
  • Powers the 1,500 daily auctions across our network of liquidation marketplaces
  • Assists in coordination of logistics and shipping through our trusted third-party partners
  • Handles payment processing between buyers and sellers
  • Offers customer support to our buyers throughout the process
  • Creates free tools and educational resources for buyers getting started with liquidation inventory

What B-Stock Doesn’t Do:

  • Physically handle, own, or inspect any of the inventory from retailers. In other words, merchandise comes directly from the seller.
  • Provide direct shipping of inventory (we have partners that handle this)

Is B-Stock Legit? 

Yes! We have been in the liquidation business for a long time now. Most importantly, we want the different buying channels on B-Stock to empower the world’s entrepreneurs and innovators of commerce like you! On B-Stock Supply, buyers who want to get a taste for liquidation inventory can experience the thrill and fortune of the treasure hunt. On private marketplaces, you can secure inventory from top retailers and manufacturers. 

There’s always some risk involved when you purchase liquidation inventory. However, you can strike gold just as quickly! Be sure to familiarize yourself with how each retailer categorizes and groups its customer-returned lots. While each retailer works to provide as detailed of an auction lot manifest as possible, it’s important to do your due diligence. Moreover, product information found on the manifest like quantity, retail price, and item number can be used in your research. 

We want our buyers to feel comfortable and have a clear understanding every step of the way. For whatever inventory your business is looking for, we’re here to help! If you’re ready to start your buying journey, catch up on Buying Basics: How to Become a B-Stock Buyer Part 1. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us directly.

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