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This is a paid article on behalf of The Opinion Panel Community.

Are you a student? Get paid for your opinion! 

Are you coming to the end of your first term at Uni? Perhaps you are in your final year of university, coming to the time to start your thesis or dissertation. Either way, it is likely you are feeling the financial strain of being a student. 

Being a student in even the best of economic climates is tough on your bank account. Funds are low, super noodles become your go-to meal, and any spare money you do have goes toward bus rides to seminars and lectures, or the occasional train journey home to see the parents. 

Earning extra money can seem daunting. You are bogged under with essays, research and reading. Getting a part time job may seem out of the realm of possibility, with those who do manage to bag a part-time job struggling to spin all their plates at once. Between education, working, friends, socialising and having time to yourself, it can feel hard to juggle. 

But fear not, The Opinion Panel Community is here to help you earn some extra cash to get you through. All you need to do? Give your honest opinions. 

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