Amber See, Amber Do


Many are noticing that Amber Heard keeps mimicking Johnny Depp’s clothing choices in their current defamation trial. And many are wondering why. Is she playing some kind of mind game?

No; why would Depp care?

We owe a debt to Depp for bringing this to trial. He has exposed the fact that women abuse men. Our system is grotesquely biased against men, to the extent that it is actually a commonly held opinion that men are always abusers, and women always victims. An opinion that enables abuse. This public trial, along with recent and increasing revelations about Jada ad Will Smith, may help redress that balance.

Amber’s clothing choices are not hard to decipher if you know much about narcissists. 

Depositions show that she used to commonly criticize Depp for lacking style.

If her own actions in mimicking him do not disprove this, any objective observer should see the absurdity of the charge. Nobody has more sartorial style than Depp. 

Narcissists are motivated by envy. They must be the centre of everything; so nobody is allowed to be better than them at anything. Therefore they will criticize their victim for whatever in the latter is most admirable; they will want to deny it.

At the same time, they will mimic it, in hopes of appropriating thunder; of making themselves the centre of attention instead. People were looking at Depp; she wanted them to look at her.

Narcissists are not complicated. They are childishly simple in their thinking. A good rule is that whatever they say will be the opposite of the truth.

There is a special place in hell for those who, in the face of the evidence, still insist that, if Depp was not the abuser, at least it was a mutually abusive relationship. After all, Depp drank and took drugs. He opened and shut cabinet doors loudly in her presence. He tried to cut himself. He even wrote to a friend that he wanted to drown Amber, set her on fire, and have sex with the corpse.

None of that is abusive. It simply shows the depth of his pain; which he needed to vent or escape without harming her or anyone else. Anyone who does not see this, is a narcissist themselves. For they are apparently incapable of seeing another as human.

Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars is similar, although less admirable. Unable to defend against his narcissistic wife, in a fit of terror and confusion, he misdirected at what seemed a more acceptable target. If he could keep Jada in good humour, she might not lash out at him. In effect, he was taking it out on himself, attempting career suicide.

In the wider society, men are committing suicide in large numbers, and dying of drug overdoses. 

It is time to end the persecution.

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