A Guide to Improve Your Local Business Presence Online

Local search is an important part of any SEO strategy that targets customers in a region, city, or neighborhood.

Simply put, local SEO is where you focus on improving your ranking and visibility in local search results such as Google Maps/Local Pack. Think about the last time you were on earth, looking for something important to you. Maybe it’s [men’s shoes], or [daycare], or [workplace]. Google’s goal is to provide searchers with the best possible answers to every question.

And when its algorithm detects that your target is local – that you’re looking for things in the area around you – those Map Pack results will appear prominently on the first page of search results. Organic results can be added about businesses and services in your area.

If you search for something like [Mexican restaurant open now], local results may appear as the default view over all organic content. Google has realized that you have immediate local needs.

Information in local search results – business name, address, phone number, website, photos and videos, reviews, and customer ratings, etc. – is more likely to meet this need than the blue link.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Among the many benefits of local SEO, the following are notable for creating great value for a business.

Using strategies to improve local SEO has the potential to increase in your web traffic. If you do not optimize your content locally, you will compete with large companies and websites from different sectors, reducing your chances of ranking well in your relevant sector.

However, with local SEO services, your website can rank higher, which will lead to an increase in the click-through rate (CTR) – which will ultimately lead to more traffic to your site. It’s a great way to stay competitive with neighboring businesses.

For example, if someone is searching Google for leather jackets in your area, your business must appear in the search along with your competitors. Otherwise, even if your product is high quality, the chances of someone finding out about your business online are low.

Another benefit of local SEO that may be overlooked is that it helps build links with local businesses. Of course, competition is part of the equation, but it can also be beneficial to form alliances or friendships with neighboring companies.

This can be useful for your brand in cases where another business wants to promote a product or if a brand refers your business to its customers. Another situation is if there is a customized campaign that can be useful for you in your area, for example.

Customer retention is one of the most important reasons why local SEO is becoming more and more part of the marketing strategy of various businesses. If local customers find your business through an online search and have a positive experience, they are more likely to become repeat customers.

These customers are easy to sell to and often refer businesses to others in the same area, which attracts more business. Among the benefits of local SEO, another well-known factor is that this strategy can help you gain more credibility from a higher ranking. When we search Google, most of us can consider the companies listed above in the search results.

Even if we finally check the companies listed on the front or the third or fourth page, we may not trust those brands. The thing is that they do not do anything bad or less appreciated – in terms of products or services – compared to the top brands in search engines.

82% of smartphone users are looking for “near me”. This means that if your business appears at the top of relevant search results, you are effectively targeting people in that area. Therefore, you can reduce advertising costs. There’s no need to send out letters, place an ad in a newspaper, or run a social media campaign in a local area when people in the community can easily find your business online.

According to the description of the benefits mentioned above, local SEO is very important and can help you stay competitive in a business environment that is full of strong competition.

What Is the Difference Between SEO And Local SEO?

Search engine optimization, to put it simply, is about increasing both the quantity and quality of organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic refers to visitors looking for exactly what you offer them, and organic results refer to unpaid content that appears on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Therefore, organic traffic refers to site visitors who enter your site through organic search, and SEO is the art of increasing organic traffic by influencing people and search engines.

Local SEO is a local search engine that focuses on a local area of search. Local SEO is the practice of optimizing your website for local search results, which can not only increase visibility and traffic to your site but also your business traffic.

What Influences Local SEO Ranking Factors?

There are many marketing channels and choosing the ones that best suit your needs and goals take time and research.

As a local business search engine optimization, or SEO – and more specifically, local SEO is one of your best options. Keep reading to learn more about local SEO rankings.

Google Business Profile

Google’s business profile is an important part of local SEO. Many people will find your business for the first time because of your GBP listing and decide whether to become a customer or not.

Maximize this local SEO factor by claiming your listing. Owner-approved listings are one of the things that will help boost your GBP ranking. You want to claim ownership of your listing in GBP so that you can include all the information that customers want.


Another important area of search is keywords. If you’re looking to rank for a topic, you need to show search engines that your site is a relevant result for that topic. This requires including the topic on the page that you want to recommend.

Search engines use crawlers to examine each of your pages and find out what they are saying. Keywords are an important part of this, as they determine which searches your peers have a chance to rank for.


Links play an important role in improving your website’s ranking in organic search results, making it another factor in local SEO rankings. When other sites connect you, it moves traffic and control to seek engines on the site to trust you.

The quality of these links has a great impact on your level. When high-ranking sites link to yours, it tells the search engines that your site is also trustworthy and reputable. This value in trust helps improve your ranking.

User experience

How users interact with your site can affect your ranking. Their actions send signals to Google that indicate whether your site is useful for visitors.

While not all of these factors directly affect your ranking, they do focus on a good user experience. You want to provide users with a great experience to ensure they spend more time on your site. When users spend more time on your page, it can lead to better results.

Local SEO Guide

A guide to representing your business on Google is a must-have book for all local marketers. It teaches you how to think about business in Google terms, how to market through your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), and how to avoid costly mistakes.

Violating the guidelines can result in loss of status, various penalty levels, and even removal from the local business listing. Keep a copy of the manual, study the existing rules, and return to them frequently as Google often adds new provisions and definitions.

At the beginning of your journey, the most important guidelines you need to understand are those that define eligibility for inclusion in a Google Business Profile.

Basic business data

Be 100% confident that you have the correct name, address, phone number, hours, and other data for each location. Ensure that there is a complete agreement between all relevant departments of the business and the canonical status of this data. A compromise can hurt a local marketing campaign from start to finish.

Clear identification of the business model

Take some time to research your business model carefully. Guidelines for representing your business on Google have unique requirements and opportunities for each category. We will not reprint all the documents in this guide, as it undergoes frequent note changes. Take the time to read all of the instructions to make sure you know how to navigate your way through Google’s online community.

A clear statement of business objectives

In some cases, your goal will be to create online (and possibly offline) resources for local business sites. You’ll touch everything from websites to local business listings, email marketing, social media profiles, and survey management. At other times, you can only focus on a small part of the image. But whether the task ahead of you is broad or narrow, setting goals is the only way to measure your success when you’re done.

Local SEO Tools

1. BrightLocal

Founded in 2009 by Ed Eliot and Myles Anderson, BrightLocal is a reporting platform for local SEO. Their local SEO services are used by over 10,000 top brands, local businesses, and companies around the world.

2. Moz Local

Moz Local, developed by Moz, is perhaps the most popular local SEO tool on this list because of the reputation the company has built around search over the past decade.

Among other things, Moz Local submits your business location data to all data collectors and online directories and helps you close duplicate business listings and allows you to update your business listings. fast.

3. Semrush

The Semrush Ads Management Tool was developed in conjunction with Yext, a digital platform to manage your ads, surveys, and local pages.

The Semrush list management tool enables Yext Knowledge Network to publish data and directories to smart services including Facebook, Google, Yelp, Bing, Amazon Alexa, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yahoo, and many others.

4. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is an SEO tool that provides you with critical SEO metrics on any website or Google search results. GrowthBar also has a Google Chrome extension that allows you to perform keyword research, backlink research, and PPC research without leaving your Google browser.

Improve Your Online Business Presence with Local SEO

When done right, optimization can help your website rank higher in search results, making it more visible to potential customers. Additionally, optimization can help improve click-through rates, which increases the chance that people will visit your site. Finally, optimizing your website for search engines is an important part of ensuring that your business has a strong online presence.

Post relevant content regularly

High-quality, relevant content can help improve your search engine rankings, but posting more regularly can also help improve your online presence. By providing new and useful content regularly, you will not only attract new visitors to your site, but you will also keep them coming back for more. Over time, this will help you build brand trust and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

Use social media to grow your brand

People spend just over 2 hours a day on social media. This means it’s a great place to build your brand and improve your online presence. Regularly sharing engaging content on social platforms allows you to reach a larger audience and build your brand. Also, social media is a great way to connect with other like-minded people and network with business partners and customers.

Help your customers to contact you easily

Social media is a great way to connect with customers and build a community around your brand. But it’s also important to have a website that’s fresh and easy to navigate. Make sure your contact information is displayed and add a form or live chat option so visitors can contact you easily.

Respond quickly to company inquiries

Responding to customer inquiries quickly is not only good for business but also helps improve your online presence. Search engines measure the speed of your customer service when determining your ranking. So, by responding quickly, you can help improve your position in search results.

Track your results for the best online presence

There are many ways to measure and track your results. You can check engagement on your website, comments on social media, or new leads for your business. Either way, as you analyze your results, you’ll see what works and what doesn’t.

How Google Maps and Google My Business Can Help Your Business

You started Google Maps Marketing a long time ago when you took the first step of listing your business on Google My Business.

Now that you have a good idea of the basic concepts around Google Maps, you should be able to understand the marketing of Google Maps. It is a combination of all the tools and resources a business has to increase its presence on Google Maps.

Here are six key steps for your Google Maps business strategy.

  1. Help Google understand your business by using photos or your relevant products or services. Update your ID photo, cover image and logo image to boost your ad.
  2. You increase your local market with Google Maps Marketing when you use your phone to add images.
  3. Google considers any kind of mobile activity to be a good activity that happens in your listing. It tells users and customers who contact your business, which shows it at the top of Google Maps results.
  4. The quality of incoming links and referrals is a key factor for Google. Advanced links that point to your business website increase your chances of being at the top of the search list on Google Maps.
  5. A good view helps you reach the maximum view level on Google Maps. All you need is a good search to get a golden snippet next to your business name.
  6. Name, address, phone number, email, and opening hours are five must-haves for promotion on your ad page. Make sure to insert them correctly.

If you manage your PPC advertising through Google AdWords, you may like to know that you can also promote your business on Google Maps as well.

Best Local SEO Campaigns Examples

Nature’s Organic Ice Cream

Nature’s Organic Ice Cream have a number of delicious Ice Cream stores across California. Nature’s Organic Ice Cream needed a digital partner for more than just building its eCommerce website. They also needed a complete digital transformation to raise awareness, which is where Aumcore set out to establish growth and carefully brand Nature’s Organic Ice Cream.

After receiving a comprehensive digital transformation from Aumcore, Nature’s Organic Ice Cream saw its digital growth double through SEO, SEM, and Social media marketing campaigns.

Apotheco Pharmacy

What began as a small team operating out of a single pharmacy has rapidly expanded to 15 locations across the United States, with many more on the way. Apotheco Pharmacy wanted to take its brand to the next level after receiving funding from WAUD Capital; We stepped in to assist here.

They speak for themselves in the results. Through smoothing out their web architecture, associating all their different drug store areas into one incorporated biological system, and building content plans established upon great search engine optimization, we can drive drew-in, top-notch clients to the particular areas that Apotheco needed.

In terms of web traffic and search engine optimization, we began by addressing technical issues and implementing a content syndication strategy with Google My Business listing optimization to prepare Apotheco’s website for the anticipated traffic increase from different pharmacy locations.

The new Apotheco Pharmacy website saw growth from the following distinct sources of traffic:

  • Organic traffic grew by almost 248 percent.
  • Direct traffic rose to almost 219 percent.
  • Additionally, referral traffic exploded by 1183 percent.


Research is not complicated. Google wants to ensure that its users have a great experience. When websites deliver a next-level customer experience, Google rewards them with higher rankings. Working with a reputable company that specializes in geo-targeted SEO can help you navigate the process for better rankings, traffic, and customers.

As a leading SEO agency, we focus on the needs of our clients to provide effective SEO services. Whether you’re looking to improve your business profile or redesign a website to target local markets, we’re ready to help.

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